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WordPress Installation, customization & repair

I know WordPress! I build custom templates, edit other templates, fix spam, add style, create graphics for, and back up WordPress websites. WordPress is a fantastic open source tool and can be a great way to build an ever-growing web site. You can build upon your site yourself or have me manage your web site and WordPress makes it easy. There are thousands of free plug-ins that can add powerful tools to your website arsenal and I know how to use them! I can install, set up settings and repair them if need be.

WordPress can be frustrating. By simply updating your site you could crash the whole thing. Plug-ins can become unstable and settings can be hidden or hard to find. This is because of the nature of FREE software. Open source software comes from many minds and hands that don’t follow Best Practices and from Students to Professionals. So there are no official protocols or methodology except through the limitations of the base code language- (PHP). If you rely on WordPress to keep your online business running then you need to focus on other things. Produce, market, expand. Let others deal with the coding!

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