Brad Peterson Art is proud to present his newest portfolio reel for 2023! As a VFX, animation, and 3d animation video creator based in Tucson Arizona, Brad Peterson has worked as both an art director and project manager for many clients. He has consistently produced groundbreaking VFX work for commercials, music videos, movie trailers and motion graphics. With the release of his newest portfolio reel he is offering a glimpse of his works from the past few years. The reel displays innovative VFX with high levels of production quality that represent Brad’s impressive mastery of video editing, compositing and 3d animation. Clients seeking professional VFX and animation services are invited to experience the creativity of Brad Peterson Art.


Get a Website that is mobile-ready and beautifully designed. I also customize WordPress templates and Joomla management systems. If you’ve tried Wix and found it too frustrating, I’m your freelancer. Take that work off your plate and onto mine.

Websites sometimes break or get hacked, so if your site is in trouble, I can fix it. I’m fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP and can troubleshoot Java. Wait, you have a web designer? But he or she won’t get your work done or is always MIA? Call me.

3d Video Animation can increase sales, engagement, conversions, and communicate with customers visually. My video design and animation strategies can drive traffic and customers to your shop or channel. See some of the work I’ve done below:

(Product animation, Explainer Videos – 2D/3D/Motion Graphics, Branding) 

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I create graphics for websites, business cards, logos, brochures as well as animate two dimensional cartoons and three dimensional models. I can also design an ad for your business or a billboard for your media campaign. I’m a freelance graphic artist, 3d animator that can design, model, or draw just about anything you need.

If you have a great idea for a kids book but need an illustrator? I can help you from concept to publication. I’ve Illustrated for Children’s books, young adult and adult novels and have been publishing for over two decades. There’s so many types of illustrations I can do. How about a character for your business? I can illustrate your likeness into a comical drawing and / or a business mascot. What about a board game? I can illustrate all your board game characters and pieces.

I’ve been in love with animation since I was a kid, but now I get to do it to feed my family! This is the truly exciting part of what I get to do. If you need a 3d character or model, a 3d animation, I’m your guy. You won’t find another artist as engaged and responsive and professional as I am.

Custom Cartoons can inspire, educate, or entertain. These will also give any company some SEO juice to spice up their rankings.

Self-published authors know how hard marketing a book is. You don’t have the network that comes with traditional commercial publishing. But that does not mean your book doesn’t have merit or isn’t the perfect story for someone out there. I’ve been designing book covers for 10 years and love it. This is where my talents shine. If you need a book cover design at an affordable rate, contact me today. Click ‘Learn More’ to see some of my past work. 

Large Foam Sculpture Artist

foam sculpture art

I sculpt in foam! I’ve done very large projects for museums, businesses and vanity projects. Contact me for a price on your foam sculpture needs