The above Custom animation was done to compliment a really fun, educational kids song about tarantulas. Song by Laura Bonati. I do animations for musicians, businesses, writers etc. 

mcshea dream cream website

Get a Website that is mobile ready and beautifully designed. I also customize WordPress templates and Joomla management systems. I also fix and finish websites. If you want to fire your web person, call me.

I create graphics for websites, business cards, logos, brochures as well as animate two dimensional cartoons and three dimensional models. I can also design an ad for your business or a billboard for your media campaign. I’m a freelance graphic artist, 3d animator that can design, model, or draw just about anything you need.

Illustration for Children’s books, young adult and adult novels. There’s so many types of illustrations I can do. How about a character for your business? I can illustrate your likeness into a comical drawing and / or a business mascot.

I’ve been in love with animation since I was a kid, but now I get to do it daily! This is the truly exciting part of what I get to do. If you need a 3d character or model, a 3d animation, I’m your guy. You won’t find another artist as engaged and responsive and professional as me.

Custom Cartoons can inspire, educate, or entertain. These will also give any company some SEO juice to spice up their rankings.