I’ve seen some really creative 3d animations for businesses and love the fun and simplicity. Cute characters can sell products, help navigate complicated websites and update messages to customers and clients alike.

Can you imagine if the Obamacare website had a cute character helping people navigate the complexities of getting healthcare? Priceless.

I have a client that has a float studio (https://floattucson.com) and she uses a custom whiteboard sketch animation to explain to her clients how to use the float tank. Her customers love her custom animation and her business is better for it.

What about Geiko? Everyone knows that awesome gecko and it really helped that company bloom.

Below are some custom animations for a business that contracts billboards.

Custom Animation for Business in Tucson, AZ

One clever and entertaining way to teach clients and customers about a process or idea is to show them an animation. Unique Graphic Art has been doing custom animations for businesses for years and has seen how powerful the animations can be. Teaching doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. We understand that a picture is worth a thousand words but a custom cartoon animation is worth some chuckles, too. 

One type of custom animation for businesses that we offer is the chalk on the chalkboard style. The example below gives you a clear picture of the quality of our animations. Even if you don’t know what you want to say, or how to make it funny and cute, we can help. 

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Animated Logo for Business in Tucson, AZ

Does your business create video content for Youtube or Vimeo? You need to put your best foot forward with an animated logo for your business. 

Your businesses might need is a policy walkthrough. If HR has to tell its employees that they may not harass the pigeons during lunch break, do it with a custom animation and post it in the employee newsletter.

What about a mascot? A custom mascot animation can walk people through a website, showcase services, share information and more. Make your custom animated mascot a star! Get SEO attention and drive traffic to your site.
At Unique Graphic Art, we want all our customers to succeed! We’ve seen the effect of cute, fun and entertaining custom animations for business. Call or contact us today for a quote.