Foam Sculpture Artist in Arizona!

Foam Sculpting is becoming of the most popular mediums for sculpture artists! Foam is inexpensive, lightweight, and with proper painting and sealing, durable under the Arizona sun.

Foam Sculping is fast and can create awesome looking sculptures with detail that rivals metal sculptures.

I can sculpt foam sculptures for trade shows, museums, theme parks,  attractions, retail stores, lobby displays, fake landscapes, and special events. I can sculpt foam sculptures in a realistic way or an artistic way. 

Foam Sculpting is Great for any function or display!

Children’s museums, aquariums, birthday parties, Halloween. If have a need for a sculpture, contact me today! 

Foam Sculpting is Affordable!

Foam sculptures can be statues, themed models, foam characters like animals, superheroes, fantasy creatures, murals, props, large letters, large numbers, and/or unique backgrounds. 

Foam Sculptures Attract

Foam sculptures can bring any creature or character to life. Set up your favorite movie scene, attract visitors at a tradeshow, or create that magical environment. You and your business are only limited by your imagination.

foam sculpture artist in arizona

Foam Sculptures Can Be Anything!

Foam sculptures can be anything. You are only limited by your imagination.. 🙂

I can make foam animals, foam signage, foam letters, anything! 

This was my first sculpture I did. I’ve come a long way since 🙂 

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