Website Design and Coding in Tucson Arizona

Need a clear, functional website? Our websites are just that.

Clarity is King

We have 15 years of experience in creating websites. We’ve mastered the ability to create a clear, understandable content punctuated by photos and graphics. When people visit your site you want them to get the information they need with as little hassle as possible. This means fewer buttons, understandable sub menus and large, clear type.


Websites need to work. We can insure the buttons and code are clean and operate cross platform. Your site will work, period.


30% of web surfers use cell phones to crawl the internet. Your site needs to fit on a cell phone screen. We create sites that shrink to the size of a cell phone screen. We also use code that fits on tablets. Your website will look good on your home computer, your ipad and your iphone. *or android devices for all you non-conformists 🙂


Our website fees are perfect for your budget. We hear companies and designers charging $2000 – $5000 for simple websites. My services are the same as theirs just less expensive.

We’re experts at website Design, Mobile Website Design & Development for both Open Source and Microsoft Technologies.

We maintain Web 2.0 standards and W3C validations in all the websites we design and develop.

The website we will develop for you includes:

1. Professional and attractive layout

2. Customized theme

3. Proper navigation and usability

4. Quick loading times

5. SEO Friendly

6. Email integration

7. Editable with WordPress or Joomla

8. Features and functions that grow with your company

9. Other integration if needed for Mobile, ipad, iphone, Tab etc. at very reasonable cost.

Your site will be compatible with all browsers such as IE, Chrome, and Mozilla etc.

Simple websites typically cost between $850- $1250.

You can expect a static web site with home page slider, add a form for contact info and link to Facebook. Your site will be simple but easy to navigate. They will be formatted for cell phones and tablets in a flexible code. It will show off your company or business in the best possible light and will serve as an online portfolio of what your services are. I design icons, buttons, logos and any other graphic elements needed to make your site stand out.

Extensive websites can cost anywhere from $1400- $2500

These sites are time-intensive but are a valuable investment. They can include a dynamic web site, form for contact, Facebook and social media links, content organization, graphic creation for all elements of the website, search engine optimization with a site map, keyword and meta descriptions, plus optional user interface (login and log out for customers or unique users). You will have a functional, appealing and crystal clear layout for your customers. My web sites are optimized for cell phone use, tablet screen size and home computers. I have extensive experience in SEO (search engine optimization) and can help you organize your content, create keyword-focused content, and implement game plans. I build these sites in WordPress or Joomla.

Website E-commerce Stores

I can also create online stores and product purchase modules. Store sizes vary and hourly rates depend heavily on how many products are in the shop.

Call for specific quotes. 520.869.9649

Additional Services:

Web Management | Management | Portfolio | WordPress help, repair, custom coding & editing

Website’s need to be Informative, creative and beautiful. Unique Graphic Art Services can create the perfect web site for you and your business.

Web Site Design is an absolute need in this day and age. Don’t be left behind. The internet is a fast-moving, ever-evolving, changing system of information and is increasingly how more and more people access information.

Unique Graphic Art Services is located in Tucson but operates across the globe. We have many talents at your disposal. Some of which require you to do almost nothing yourself. That’s why you pay people to do things right?

Let’s face it, the web is a tangled weave and you don’t have the time to mess with thing like keywords, content management and social media. So you don’t have to worry about it late at night when the midnight oil burns dry and the only company you have are stars and, surprisingly, fifty million internet users. We’ll worry about your Facebook, your Twitter, Linked In or your blog. Don’t get left in the virtual dust!

So sleep tight, give us a call! 520-869-9649