3d Music Video Artist in Arizona

Some of the most-watched videos on Youtube are music videos. Any band in Arizona would benefit from a custom animation music video for their song. Drive serious traffic to your site! I can draw very cool, weird, fun, exciting, interesting 2d animations for any song. More than that, I can offer 3d full animation videos and create a stunning, powerful music video. This is an investment in your art, but a worthwhile one.

Many of the animated music videos I’ve done have been for kids but I can animate for adults, too. I’m working on some abstract music videos right now I will post later this year. But if you want to see what I’ve done for the children’s audience look at the custom animations for music videos below.

This roadrunner character is a test. I’ve animated the character playing a banjo. This is a great solution for kids!

This is a really fun, full 3d tarantula dancing to a song that is intended to entertain and educate people about tarantulas.

This video is a song to educate kids about some of the problems iguanas are having on the islands.