Custom Cartoon Animation Videos

Custom Cartoon Animation Videos

Need a custom cartoon animation? Get a quote, just email me or call. There are so many choices. Animation draws in customers, explains complex issues and drives traffic to your site. Ink on whiteboard cartoon videos are really affordable, but I can do full-color animations, logo movements, and short videos.

I make 3 types of animations:

Option 1. A simple vector animation without voices. call or email for quote
You can see, there are no shadows. this can still be very fun and colorful. There will be minimal movement, and all would be in a 2-dimensional space. No lip syncing at this price, that is too time-consuming. Just text. I’ll add the music, but I’ll need audio recording from a client.
Option 2. Cartoon animation with basic shadows. Similar to Saturday morning cartoons. Also included: lip-sinking, moving background, scripting, storyboarding, and music.
Option 3. 3D animation similar to Pixar movies. I’ve been privileged to build 3d characters for an Arizona author, a clothing line, and a coffee company mascot. Building the characters takes some investment per character, but after all the characters and parts are made, animations can be longer for less. call or email for quote

Here are some other video animations I’ve done.

I also create custom 3d animations!